Magellan RoadMate 9612T – LM

The Magellan RoadMate 9612T-LM has an extra-enormous, dynamic, day-night perceivability. The 7-inch screen makes for simple review. The gadget is ideal for vehicles, huge vehicles like trucks and even SUVs.

This gadget accompanies free lifetime map refreshes and Live-traffic cautions. Along these lines, you purchase this gadget you don’t need to stress over the guides getting obsolete.

The live traffic update will advise you about the traffic refreshes which can hamper your excursion. On the off chance that some occasion has happened out and about like mishaps, at that point its canny directing will give substitute steering.

The gadget shows you the tourist spots and structures in the practical 3D structure which gives a genuine perspective on the environmental factors.

You get two review modes to look over which are scene mode and picture mode. You can pick as per your inclinations. The scene mode gives you a more extensive perspective on your environmental factors and the representation mode gives the all-inclusive perspective out and about.

You likewise get traffic camera alarms with the PhantomAlert. You will get sound video alerts about speed cameras and red light.

This gadget gives an all-inclusive intersection see which gives practically exact pictures of the interstates. This GPS gadget has the component for continually directing you to the right path to make driving more secure, simpler and stress less.

You can generally customize the navigational involvement in the OneTouch Menu. You can without much of a stretch make symbols of your preferred ventures and places like bistros, banks and so on.

You can go to these spots by a solitary touch on the symbol inside any city.


7-inch simple review TouchScreen Display

Lifetime map updates and traffic alarms

Get a practical perspective on your environmental factors with 3D see

Picture and Landscape modes to browse

Traffic and speed camera cautions


Magellan RoadMate 700 is a compact GPS gadget with a little structure factor and screen size. It is a genuinely compact GPS gadget.

With this gadget, you get fitting and-play with 12-equal channel vehicle GPS+ WAAS.

The implicit planning database of the US and all the significant Canadian metro urban areas. It has more than 2 million purposes of interests.

The screen is top quality, full-shading show with the capacity to naturally acclimate to changing lighting conditions.

This gadget additionally gives the alternative of genuine view in which you will get a 3-D perspective on the streets. The voice will furnish you with turn-by-turn direction.

This GPS gadget accompanies a pull cup mount and information link with a 1-year guarantee.

The gadget is all set when you unload it. It accompanies a 20 GB inside capacity. This GPS can monitor 3 profiles with each holding 100 locations. In this way, the absolute number of addresses which can be put away is an incredible 300.

The significant locations and home can be handily gotten to with only a couple of snaps.

This RoadMate GPS can mount effectively on the windshield of the vehicle. The gadget bolts on to the satellite signs effortlessly. It will furnish you with the most brief course, roads, most limited separation and significantly more. Choosing the course on this gadget is likewise simple and commonsense with its easy to understand interface.


Genuinely convenient gadget with a little structure factor

Highlights fitting and-play

Inbuilt guide of the US and every significant city of Canada

High-goal screen

Genuine view 3-D maps

Incorporates a pull cup for simple mounting on the windscreen



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