Insufficient Memory Error while updating the Maps

Insufficient Memory Error

Over a period of time when corrupt files are generated and stored because of the incomplete access, insufficient memory error may appear while updating the GPS unit by SmartGPSEco website or PC Tools.

You can follow the steps below to resolve this error.

  • Back up the files and folders from your GPS device to your local Hard drive or USB storage drive
  • Delete the MAP folder from your GPS unit
  • Login to SmartGPSEco to update the maps again.

Generally this process should resolve the the problem. Still if you get the same message, you can perform the following steps

  • You can perform a format to the GPS device
  • Uncheck the Quick Format option. The drive letter would vary depending on your drive configuration, it may be detected as MAGELLAN. The format would take several minutes to complete.
  • Once the format process completes, copy APP folders from your local drive to the device
  • Login to SmartGPSEco and the GPS unit should be detected and the update would continue.

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